The Five Advantages of Using Bronze in Metal Fabrication

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Bronze is widely used in industrial settings, parts, and decorative structures.

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Bronze: The Metal

Before you dive into metal fabrication, it is advised to learn about metal. Bronze is an alloy that contains copper as its primary ingredient and 12% tin. Other metals are mixed to create different grades, such as manganese, zinc, nickel, aluminum, etc. In addition, it is red, which is quite attractive.

Bronze has been used for various purposes over centuries. The reason is that it is easy to fabricate and lasts long. There was an entire bronze age whose unique artifacts and sculptures are still available. But the metal lost prominence in the Iron age.

But its usefulness and its distinct properties made it a favorite for industrial uses. Since its fabrication is being discussed, let’s learn about the five advantages of using Bronze in metal fabrication.

Advantages of using Bronze in Metal Fabrication

The reddish hue and the fantastic look are not the only properties of Bronze. Here are some more of them.

Ease Of Shaping

Bronze is a non-corrosive metal. In industrial settings, metals are exposed to water, dust, grime, chemicals, and other elements. Iron is not a suitable metal for all processes. In such cases, Bronze is an excellent choice to fill the gap. The metal can be shaped easily, and since it does not rust, it lasts longer.

Aesthetic Appeal

Bronze has been used to make sculptures, statues, coins, and many other things for centuries. The reason is that Bronze has an aesthetic appeal. It has a reddish hue to it which looks beautiful. Bronze is a ductile metal stretched to a fine point, and details can be carved before it breaks. It allows molding it into the desired structures.

Long Lasting

When you are working on a project, you want it to last for a long time. But unfortunately, iron has a limited life due to its corrosive nature. But Bronze statues and sculptures are found intact even after thousands of years. That’s why it is used for construction projects, as they will stand for thousands of years if needed.

Spark Free

Several products, such as hammers, axes, and mallets, are widely used in industrial settings. But when they come close to other flammable materials, they cause sparks. It is unsafe, and thus Bronze has emerged as a substitute. It is non-magnetic, and its non-sparking properties ensure safety.

Excellent Finish

Bronze is a little brittle, but it can be softened with the right mixture of alloys. The nickel brass bronze has a slightly high amount of nickel, giving it a silvery finish. It provides the metal with a fantastic sheen and is suitable for applications where aesthetic is the primary focus.

Bronze is a cost-effective choice. In addition, it offers high dimensional precision. Its even finish glides smoothly against other metals; thus, it is a preferred choice for ball bearings and other automotive spare parts. Its use has also increased in plumbing applications due to its non-corrosive properties. It can even with stand salt water.

Quality Bronze Metal Supply in Albuquerque

Bronze is available in different grades, but each has a specific application. For example, the metal suitable for industrial bearing might need to be revised for musical instruments. Therefore, choosing a suitable metal is crucial for successful project completion.

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