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Aluminum is the most common metal in the Earth’s crust. It has many applications where high strength to weight ratio is needed along with high corrosion resistance. Aluminum is a primary resource used in the aerospace industry to accomplish anything from consumer airplanes to space exploration. Aluminum has high electric conductivity and is non-magnetic.

Aluminum comes in several grades used in a multitude of industries, making it a product of high demand. This has given rise to a variety of Aluminum suppliers around town, but how do you find the best Aluminum supplier in Albuquerque? It’s simple. Walk into New Mexico Metals LLC and source all your required Aluminum products from one place.

Experienced Aluminum Sheet/Plate/Bar/Shapes Supplier in Albuquerque

Aluminum products require the right amount of processing and precision to ensure desired quality. It comes from experience that New Mexico Metals LLC boasts of. With 50+ years of experience, you can trust the quality and rely on us for all your Aluminum needs.

Different Grades of Aluminum

New Mexico Metals is a great source for aluminum products. We are one of the leading aluminum vendors in Albuquerque, who stocks the most common grades in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We also have the ability to outsource any specialty grades and shapes of aluminum that is available.

6061 is the most common grade of heat-treated aluminum. 6061T6 is stocked in Flats, Rounds, Structural Shapes, Tube (round, square or rectangular), Pipe, Sheet and Plate. This material has Magnesium and Silicon as alloying elements, which when heat treated, makes for a strong material but has limited forming ability.

6063T5 is an architectural grade that is also heat-treated but not to the extent of T6. This material is commonly available in Tube (round, square and rectangular), Angles, and Channels. We stock it in flats, but in very limited quantity. It can be manufactured as per your order.

5052H32 is stocked in Sheets at New Mexico Metals. This material is non-heat-treatable and is of a general-purpose grade. It has exceptional corrosion resistance and is highly weldable. It is available at New Mexico Metals in thicknesses from .025” through .250”. We can craft it as per your requirements.

3003H32 is stocked at New Mexico Metals in Tread Pattern Sheets. Thicknesses range from .063” through .250”. Typical sheet size is 4’ X 8’ but is available up to 16’ in length.

There are a wide range of additional grades and shapes of Aluminum. 2024 and 7075 are common grades used for aircraft applications. 5086 and other 5000 alloys are excellent for marine applications. 1100 series aluminum is the purest grade typically available in sheet and plate to some extent.

Quality Products at affordable Prices

You want to purchase the best Aluminum products at the best price. Whether it’s your home project or industrial project, cost matters. Only the top Aluminum suppliers in Albuquerque – New Mexico Metals LLC offers quality products at reasonable prices.

For Aluminum sheet/plate/bar/shapes supply in Albuquerque, contact our professionals today. We’re here to fulfill all your aluminum requirements!

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