Copper Products

Copper is the first material mined and processed from the ground.  It has developed into a wide range of products that affects every day life.  New Mexico Metals stocks Copper Products in sheet, bar (round, square and rectangle) and Sheet/Plate.

Typical stock at New Mexico metals is C110 copper.  This is the most common grade of copper that is available is a variety of shapes including Round Bar, Square Bar, Rectangular Bar, Sheet and Plate.  This grade has great conductivity as well as formability and is the “go to” material for many common applications.

There are many other grades of copper that have more specific characteristics and applications.New Mexico Metals has the resources to supply nearly any grade of copper available.  Some of the relatively common grades include:

C101& C102 – TheseCopper Grades are oxygen free grades and have excellent conductivity.  It is typically available in Bar (Round, Square and Rectangle), Sheet and Plate.

C122 – This Copper Grade is deoxidized high-phosphorous and has great formability.  It is available in Coiled Round Tube, Round Tube, Pipe, Sheet and Plate.

C145 – This Copper Grade has Tellurium which makes it very machinable.  It is typically available in Round Bar

C172 (Class 4) – This Copper has Beryllium which makes it the highest strength of the copper grades.  Due to the toxicity of the Beryllium, the availability is low.  It is typically available in round bar.  Precaution should be used if welding.

182 (Class 2) – This Copper has Chromium which makes it exception for conductivity and is used in resistance welding.  It is typically available in Bar (Round, Square, Rectangle and Hexagon).

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