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Stainless Steel is a metal that is always in demand because of its corrosion free quality and shiny, clean, classy look. Be it utensils, residential home projects, or industrial projects, this metal is very much in demand. If you are searching for Stainless Steel products for your project, you must source them from the best stainless steel supplier in Albuquerque, New Mexico Metals LLC.

What Is Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel is an alloy made from steel but has the addition of at least 11% Chromium. This gives the material excellent corrosion resistance. From this point, the family of stainless steel has many varieties and properties. These properties give Stainless Steel the ability to be anything from corrosion resistant to extremely high strength and also high heat resistant.

Stainless Steel Series

300 Series Stainless Steel

300 series stainless steel grades are Austenitic due to the addition of Nickel. This makes this family of grades non-magnetic. However, when forming or processing this material, a slight magnetism can occur.

304 Series Stainless Steel

304 is the grade that is typically for general-purpose use, which is available in abundance and many shapes. New Mexico Metals stocks 304 in sheet, plate, tube (round, square and rectangular), structural shapes and bars (round, square and rectangular), perforated sheet and expanded sheet.

Other Stainless Steel Grades

Other stainless steel grades we stock include some 303 series, which has silicon and is the best for machinability. Though, it is not good for forming. Also, 316 is available in nearly all of the shapes and sizes as 304. This material is highly corrosion-resistant (much more than 304).

Other commonly used grades in sheet and bar, particularly in aerospace, are 321 and 347. There are many other grades depending on the material application.

400 Series Stainless Steel

400 series Stainless grades are Martensitic and do not have the level of Nickel as in 300 series grades. This family of materials is magnetic. 400 series stainless steel is available in sheet, plate, and bar (round, square and rectangular). It typically has specific applications and is not found as general-purpose grades. New Mexico Metals has the supplier base to accommodate any requirement and can quickly source the material you need!

Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels are grades that can be Martensitic (most common is 17-4PH), semi-Austenitic (most common is 17-7PH) or Austenitic (most common is A286). This family of Stainless steels has high strength properties after hardening. The material is available in rounds, squares and rectangles. Typically, this material is available in the solution annealed condition so it is readily machinable before hardening. New Mexico Metals carries a variety of 17-4PH round bars and can easily obtain other shapes and grades.

Nitronic Stainless Steels are high strength grades infused with nitrogen. This material is Austenitic and comes in a variety of strengths (for example, Nitronic 50, Nitronic 60).

Crafted With Precision

New Mexico Metals buys stainless steel from only the best mills or master distributors. Our stainless steel bars and pipes are some of our bestsellers and have established us as a leading stainless steel bar and pipe supplier. If you don’t find your desired product in our stock, all you have to do is provide your specifications, and we will source it for you.

Best Stainless Steel Supplier

Maintaining the required quality is essential to making Stainless Steel long-lasting and corrosion free. We offer not only the best but unparalleled quality in our products and it can be clearly seen in our offerings. We maintain traceability on nearly all of our stainless products. MTR’s (Mill Test Reports) are available upon request. This makes us one of the best stainless steel suppliers in Albuquerque.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We aim to satisfy our customers. At New Mexico Metals LLC, a stainless steel dealer, our customers are kings. We try our best to deliver your desired stainless steel products, including sheets, pipes, bars, and plates, whenever and wherever you want. No matter what size you want, we can cut it.

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