Brass and Bronze

Brass and Bronze Products

Brass and Bronze are alloys made with Copper. Brass is Copper and Zinc and Bronze is Copper and Tin. Brass has more of a yellow color since it is about 60% Copper and 40% Zinc although precise amounts vary with different grades. Bronze has a more reddish color since it has about 80%-90% Copper. These materials do not corrode but will get a patina over time. Due to the strength properties Copper adds, these materials will resist galling which makes them excellent for bearings and wear parts. Since Bronze has more Copper than Brass, Bronze is the go-to for bearings and bushings.

New Mexico Metals sells a variety of Brass and Bronze Products.

C360 Brass – Commonly called Fee Cutting Brass or Yellow Brass, this is the most common brass for general purpose use. It has excellent machining properties and is available in Round Bar, Square Bar and Rectangular Bar.

C260 Brass – Commonly called Cartridge Brass, this material is an easily machined brass that offers good formability. It is most commonly available in Round Tube, Sheet and Plate.

C464 Brass – Commonly called Naval Brass, this material has great resistance to fatigue, stress and wear. It also has excellent corrosion resistance to salt water. It is most commonly available in Round Bar

C932 Bronze – Commonly called Bearing Bronze, this material has excellent anti-friction properties and machinability. It is available in Round Bar, Tube and Flats.

C954& C630 Bronze – This is an Aluminum Bronze and has higher strength and corrosion resistance. It is available in Round Bar, Tube and Flats

C673& C863 – This is a Manganese Bronze and has excellent ability to perform under high-speed applications. C863 is available in Round Bar, Tube and Flats. C 673 is available in Rounds.

C510 & C544 – This is a Phosphorous Bronze and has high corrosion resistance as well as higher strength. It is available in Round Bar.

C642 – This is a Silicon Bronze which has added lubricity due to the Silicon and is excellent for bearings and heavy loads. It is available in Round Bar.

There are many specialty grades of Brass and Bronze available. Call New Mexico Metals when any Brass or Bronze requirements come up! We have the resources to accommodate any specialty request!