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Steel Supply in Albuquerque

Steel is used in nearly every facet of life. It is used to make products that everyone needs and buys. Industrial and residential projects alike use, steel as a primary material. The metal’s malleability, ductility, and electric conductivity make it one of the most demanded metals.

The desired quality for different purposes is achieved by adding carbon, manganese, tungsten, chromium, or other elements. These materials give steel its desired characteristics. To get the best steel supply in Albuquerque, you can trust New Mexico Metals LLC blindly.

Steel Products Supply for Every One

We carry stock in a multitude of steel products. These are used in railway companies, heavy machinery companies, automotive companies, aviation industry, and many others. From bars, plates, sheets, and beams, you will find everything at New Mexico Metals LLC, the best steel distributor.

High-Quality Steel for a Strong Home

We have everything for your home construction project too. Keep a strong foundation of your home with high-quality steel. Looking for a specific size? Contact our professionals.

Why Choose Us for Steel Supply?

The best steel supplier in Albuquerque is New Mexico Metals LLC and is a trusted name among the locals. We have a loyal customer base that supports us and the premium quality we offer. We provide:

  • Premium steel and steel products
  • On-time delivery
  • Wide range of steel products to choose from
  • Cut to size carbon steel
  • Customized offerings that suit your purpose

Quote That’s Best for You

Our premium quality comes at a price that doesn’t disturb your bottom line. We are affordable and try our best to fulfill your needs at a price that keeps both of us happy.

Our Trusted Employees

We boast of our staff who possess in-depth knowledge about steel and carbon steel and can advise you which one is the best. They are trained, experienced, and happy to answer each of your questions and queries. They are the reason we are #1 for the steel supply in Albuquerque.

Our Products

New Mexico Metals LLC stocks a large variety of carbon steel products. Here are some of the products that we have in stock or can quickly bring in:

Structural Steel

Structural steel comes in a variety of shapes and is produced as Hot Rolled. Angles – Bar and Structural angles are readily available in many sizes from 1/2″ X 1/2″ X 1/8″ to 8″ X 8″ X 1″. This material conforms to ASTM A36. New Mexico Metals carries a variety of the most common sizes. Some angles are more readily available than others. Please inquire with our professionals. Channels – Bar, Standard, and MC Channels come in sizes starting at 1″(width) X 3/8″(leg) X 1/8″(web) through 18″ X 4.2″ X .700″. Bar channels conform to ASTM A36. Standard and MC channels conform to ASTM A572-50. Some channels are much more readily available than others. Please inquire with New Mexico Metals on what is available.


Standard, Wide Flange, and M Beams are available. We have a selection of beam drops in stock and can order in any available size quickly. Standard Beams start at 3″ and run through 24″, and Wide Flange Beams start at 4″ and run through 30″. Beams conform to ASTM A572-50.

Sheets and Plates

Carbon sheets and plates come in a wide variety of grades and thicknesses.

New Mexico Metals carries a variety of thicknesses of low carbon steel sheet in cold rolled, hot rolled. Hot Dipped Galvanized and Electro-Galvanized (commonly called paintlock)

Cold Rolled sheet is stocked in 24ga through 11ga and is commercial quality, conforming to ASTM A1008.

Hot Rolled is stocked starting at 16g through 1/4″ and are commercial quality, conforming to ASTM A1011.

HD Galvanized is stocked 24ga through 11ga and conforms to ASTM A924.

EG is stocked 24ga through 14ga and conforms to ASTM A591.

Hot Rolled Plate in thicknesses over 1/4″ are available to bring in as requested and conform to ASTM A36.

There are many other grades of sheet and plate available. Please inquire with New Mexico Metals as to pricing and availability.

Tubing and Pipe

Carbon tube and pipe are available in round, square, and rectangular shapes, most commonly made from 3 processes (welded, Drawn Over Mandrel DOM, and Seamless).

Low carbon welded tube is the most common and economical.

ASTM A513 is an Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Mechanical tube for all shapes and typically comprises of wall thicknesses 11ga and lighter.

ASTM A500GrB is considered Structural and is typically tubing with wall thicknesses 11ga and thicker. Pipe is available in several grades and conditions. New Mexico Metals will have the most common items in stock with the ability to bring in nearly anything else.

ASTM A53 welded pipe is the most common and comes with a standard black coating. Plain surface, seamless, and galvanized pipe are also available.

Steel Bars

Round, square, hexagon, and rectangular steel bars are available in many grades and sizes. New Mexico Metals LLC has in stock the most common grades and sizes with the ability to easily bring in any odd size needed.

C1018 is a case hardening cold finished bar available in rounds, squares, and flats. This has a coating of oil, smooth surface, and is in the as-drawn condition. This material conforms to ASTM A108.

Hot rolled bars are general purpose steel that is the most widely used and available material. It has a rougher surface and has mill scale on the surface. This material conforms to ASTM A36.

There are many grades of steel bars available. In addition to C1018 and A36 bars, we also stock 1144, 12L14 & 1045TGP and have the ability to bring in nearly any other available grade.

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