Alloy steel comes in a wide variety of grades made from many processes. New Mexico Metals handles several of the more common items of alloy steel.

4130 – This is a chromium molybdenum alloy steel with medium carbon with good strength and good weldability with good abrasion and impact resistance. In the annealed condition it is easy to machine and weldable. Typically available in round bar, flat bar, sheet/plate and seamless thinner wall round tube. Its high strength to weight ratio is desirable for applications where weight and strength are a factor.

4140 – This is an oil-hardening chromium molybdenum alloy steel with medium carbon that has high strength, high fatigue strength and toughness. This material also has high impact and abrasion resistance. It is ductile in the annealed condition but is tougher than carbon steels. It is a through hardening grade that offers good hardness and strength.Typically available in round bar, TGP rounds, flat bar, plate, and heavy wall large OD seamless tube.

4340 – This is an oil-hardening nickel chromium molybdenum alloy steel with medium carbon, toughness and shock resistance. In the heat treated condition, it has excellent fatigue strength while maintaining good ductility.This material is available is round bar, flats and plate.

Other grades of alloy steel are available to New Mexico Metals. Please inquire for availability and pricing.

Tool Steel

Tool steels are typically heat treatable with high carbon. There are many grades of tool steels available depending on what properties are desired in the finish product. Tool steels are available is round bar, flat/square bar, drill rod and ground flat stock. The more common grades are:

A2 – This is an air-hardening tool steel with good strength. It has good wear resistance, but not quite to the level of D2 but better than O1.

O1 – This is an oil-hardening tool steel that heat treats with a high level of stability with minimal distortion. This is a general-purpose tool steel that is readily available.

D2 – This is a high carbon air hardening tool steel that has good resistance to wear. Many shear blades are made from this material.

Many other grades of tool steel are readily available to New Mexico Metals LLC. Please call to inquire.