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Metal and Steel Bending in Albuquerque

Metal bending is an essential metal fabrication process. It involves bending metal to make it suitable for end use. The metal bending process is a crucial one as the slightest deviation can render the metal useless or result in additional correction procedures. Thus, hire top-quality metal bending Albuquerque services at affordable prices.

Metal Bending Process

Metal bending is the application of force on metal against a die, bending the metal at the desired angle. The pressing force is more than the material’s strength, resulting in bent sheets. Various methods including V-bending, bottoming, U-bending, air bending, etc., are employed to get the desired results.

Metal Bending Services

Be it a residential project, a commercial one, or a DIY project, metal bending is in high demand. And you deserve quality service, which you can get at New Mexico Metals LLC. Anything from Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Copper or Brass, our professionals are experts in various metal bending services. We are a complete metal supplier that can handle getting your project closer to a finished product. We can get the right metals and bend them in the desired shapes and sizes.

Currently, we have two finger brakes, a Chicago mechanical 14 Gauge 4’ wide finger brake that can bend mild steel, aluminum, and 16 Gauge in stainless steel, and a Baileigh magnetic brake 16 Gauge 8’ wide finger brake.

Chicago Mechanical Brake –

The Chicago mechanical brake will bend as thin as 24 Gauge and be able to make a pan up to 5” deep. It can also do additional shapes.

Baileigh Magnetic Brake –

The Baileigh magnetic brake will do 16 Gauge 8’ on ferrous material and 22 Gauge non-ferrous. (Magnetic vs Non-Magnetic) This brake can make numerous shapes that you cannot make on a standard brake.

Apart from these, if you are looking for a specific bend or any complex bending designs, you can discuss it with our team members. Trust us and we will prove why we are the #1 metal bending Albuquerque service provider.

Our Key Success Factors

Our years of experience have allowed New Mexico Metals LLC to meet all your needs. We aim to be your only metal bending and steel bending service provider in Albuquerque.

Our commitment to quality and perfection is another key success factor. Our goal is perfection throughout the whole process, from metal purchasing to cutting, sawing, shearing, bending, notching, punching and drilling.

We also boast of our staff’s unmatched capabilities. With years of experience, let New Mexico Metals process your material to your specifications.

Our customers are the key in establishing us as premium metal bending Albuquerque service provider. For quality metal and steel bending services, contact us now!

Metal and Steel Bending Services Albuquerque