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Metal Sawing in Albuquerque

Of all the metal cutting methods, sawing is one of the most popular ones, as it is known for its straight cuts and the ability to cut any width of material. For perfect metal sawing in Albuquerque, choose New Mexico Metals LLC.

Top Metal Sawing Services

Sawing is not only a mechanical process, but it also requires human supervision to check if the cuts are straight and clean. A powered saw with teeth around its circumference runs at various speeds and cuts the metals in the desired shapes. While shearing is also a popular method, sawing is preferred for wide metal components as well as a variety of shaped materials like bars, pipes, tubes, and others.

When high quality equipment is coupled with experience, mastery can be achieved. New Mexico Metals LLC has achieved this mastery by working in this field for more than 50+years. We offer cutting-edge metal sawing services at our Albuquerque location.

Why Choose Our Metal Sawing Services?

People are often confused about whether they should go for sawing or shearing. After all, both methods cut metals, so which one should you go for? At New Mexico Metals LLC, you get all your answers when you consult our experienced staff. They are well-trained and help you get rid of all your doubts.

You can choose desired metals from our wide selection, and we can saw them in any size for you.

Metal Sawing at NM Metals LLC

New Mexico Metals LLC provides metal sawing Albuquerque services using two different saw machines:

Hyd-Mech S 20 Mechanical Saw –

It can saw up to a 12” diameter on rounds, 8” on squares, and flats up to 18” wide. This machine can saw metals including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, and titanium. It cuts any shape that can fit into a vise. The Hyd-Mech S 20 mechanical saw can do single cuts or many cuts and can miter up to 38 degrees, 13” width.

The Kama Band Saw –

It has a 6” capacity and can miter 2” material up to 45 degrees either way. It can also cut vertical 6”. The Kama saw will cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy steel, copper, and brass. The tolerance is +/- 1/16th.

Difference between Metal Sawing and Metal Shearing

New Mexico Metals LLC offers both metal shearing and metal sawing services at its Albuquerque location. We have high quality, high end advanced machines to provide sawing and shearing services.

Sawing can cut a variety of metal shapes, but it is important to maintain stability otherwise, it results in metal waste and inconsistent cuts. It also affects the metal quality. While shearing is also a metal cutting process, it is known for straight cuts and minimal or no waste, but it is suitable for thinner, flat shapes.

At New Mexico Metals LLC, we can help you in any manner possible, from sourcing the right-sized metal to sawing it.

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