Metal Shearing Services

Metal Shearing Services in Albuquerque

Shearing is the process of cutting metals using shear force. The process is popular today as it is quick, efficient, and cost-effective. It cuts large metal sheets into smaller pieces.

The shearing process involves moving a sheet of metal in between two shear blades. The sheet is clamped by “hold downs” on a shear table to hold the material from moving while the upper shear blade passes through the sheet. A squaring arm helps keep the material positioned for the cut. If you’re looking for metal shearing in Albuquerque, you’re at the right place.

Sheet Metal Cutters

Metal shearing is a process that requires precision and experience. It’s not just a mechanical process as it requires experienced staff to shear the metals. Our sheet metal cutting services are one of the best in Albuquerque.

Our Metal Shearing Machines

Shearing at New Mexico Metals LLC is completed on three machines.

The first one is the Cincinnati 1810 ¼” x 10’ mechanical squaring shear, which can shear as thin as 24 GA up to ¼” mild steel, 3/16” stainless steel, and HSLA (high strength low alloy). It has a 36” power back gauge. Typically, it can shear to a tolerance of +/- 1/16th “.

The Cincinnati can shear carbon steel, hot rolled, cold rolled, stainless steel in 2B, #4 (brushed), #8 (mirror) in all grades, aluminum, non-heat treated alloy sheet, copper, brass, titanium, and Nickel sheet.

The second shear is a Pexto Model 12U52 mechanical squaring shear. It can shear 12 Gauge x 52” capacity. This can shear as thin as 24 Gauge and up to 12 Gauge mild steel, 14 Gauge stainless steel, and high strength low alloy steel and carbon steel. It has a 24” back gauge and can typically shear up to a tolerance of +/- 1/16th.

The third shear is on our GEKA Ironworker and can cut mild steel up to ½” thick X 14” wide. This machine can hold a typical tolerance of (+/-.125”).

What do we do?

At New Mexico Metals LLC, we ensure customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a single sheet or a bulk industrial project, we are ready for it. Our highly trained staff takes every measure to cut the perfect metals for you. We are proud to say that we provide the best metal shearing services.

We excel at what we do, and thus, we invite you to visit us anytime and see how it works at our location. Apart from the machines, human involvement is crucial in the shearing process. Our staff possesses the necessary experience and gives your metals the exact cuts you need.

Why Choose Us for Metal Shearing?

New Mexico Metals LLC is a renowned name as we offer premium-quality metal shearing Albuquerque services. Our hard work can be seen in our customer testimonials, and our experience speaks for itself. We have a loyal customer base that can vouch for our sheet metal shearing services.

You can contact us anytime and visit our place for metal shearing!

Metal Shearing Machine in Albuquerque