Metal Punching and Notching Services

Metal Punching and Notching in Albuquerque

Metal fabrication is a complex process. To make it suitable for end users, several procedures must be followed precisely. If you are looking for the best punching and notching services in Albuquerque, trust New Mexico Metals LLC, and you will never be disappointed. With our decades of experience, we can proudly say that we are the top metal punching and metal notching service provider.

Defining Punching and Notching Cuts

New Mexico Metals LLC is a pioneer in the metal fabrication industry, which is evident in our processes. We offer custom metal punching and notching services. Our punching machines create perfect sized holes in your sheets.

Metal notching is another area where we excel. It refers to cutting metal perimeter to make it useful for further processing. It requires a perfect blend of precision, and an eye for detail so the metals are always notched perfectly.

We aim to offer wide range of metals and services as per your requirements. Our desire for perfection has established us as the best metal notching and punching Albuquerque service provider.

#1 Metal Punching and Notching Services

Even a slightly wrong cut can render the metal useless. Thus, we have experienced staff at work to provide you with metal punching and metal notching services in Albuquerque. Their dedication to their roles helps us deliver quality services to our customers.

Our perfection is derived from our staff’s expertise and our choice of the right metal punching and metal notching machines. It makes our operations quick, and efficient while minimizing waste.

Our Operations

Punching doesn’t sound difficult, but it requires rigorous work to achieve perfection. You can rest assured of our quality services and expertise. At New Mexico Metals LLC, we use GEKA Bendicrop 60S Universal Ironworker for our processes. It is a state-of-the-art machine that is known for its clean and sharp cuts.

  • The machine’s punching capacity is 67 tons, which allows hole punching up-to 1 ½” diameter in a 3/8” thick carbon steel plate and 1 ¼” diameter in a ½” thick carbon steel plate.
  • Shear Flat Bar/Plate up to 14” wide and 9/16” thick
  • Angle and Rod/Bar shearing using 93 tons which will cut up-to 4” X 4” X ½” Carbon Steel Angles, up to 1 ½” diameter Carbon Steel Round Bar, and up to 1 ½” Carbon Steel Square Bar.
  • Notching up 3/8” thick Carbon Steel with a 4” width per side.
  • Bending up to 3/8” thick Carbon Steel X 6”

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When dedication and expertise meet, it creates unmatchable quality. At New Mexico Metals LLC, we aim to deliver only the best to you, and we are still learning from our experiences and loyal customers.

For metal notching and metal punching in Albuquerque, drop by anytime, or you can contact our professionals.

Metal Punching and Notching in Albuquerque