Benefits & Application of Steel Sheets & Plates

Benefits & Application of Steel Sheets & Plates


Steel sheets and plates are one of the most versatile types of metal products on the market. Essentially, they are large, flat pieces of steel that can be cut and welded to create all sorts of structures and products. The major difference between “sheets” and “plates” is the thickness of the metal. Steel sheets are usually under 6 millimeters thick, while steel plates are thicker, often exceeding 6 millimeters. However, they are both used for a variety of purposes.

This article will explore some of the most common applications for steel sheets and plates. But before we get started, let’s first look at the benefits of using these precious metal products; offered by New Mexico Metals LLC – the trusted leader in steel supply Albuquerque businesses have relied on for years!


There are several advantages to using steel sheets and plates, especially compared to other materials. Some of the main benefits include:

●      They are Incredibly Strong and Durable

The chemical composition of steel (high amounts of carbon) allows it to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, making it one of the strongest materials available. Also, steel is corrosion-resistant, meaning it will not rust or degrade over time. These properties make steel sheets and plates ideal for applications where strength and durability are required.

●      They are Easy to Fabricate

Steel sheets and plates can be cut, welded, drilled, and machined relatively easily, making them versatile materials for a wide range of applications.

●      They are Easy to Maintain

The corrosion-resistant nature of steel means that it requires very little maintenance. Once fabricated, steel structures can last for decades with little to no upkeep required.

●      They are Recyclable

Another huge benefit of steel is that it is 100% recyclable. This means that, at the end of their lifespan, steel sheets and plates can be melted down and reused to create new products without losing any of their original properties.


Now that we’ve looked at the benefits of using steel sheets and plates, let’s look at some of the most common applications.

●      Construction

Steel sheets and plates are often used to create structural elements like beams and columns, as well as floor and roof decking. They are also commonly used as cladding (metal siding) to protect the exterior of buildings from weather damage.

●      Manufacturing

Another common application for steel sheets and plates is in the manufacturing industry. For example, they can be roll-formed into rain gutters, metal ductwork, and garage doors. They can also be stamped or pressed into car panels and other components. In addition, they can be used to create home appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.

●      Packaging

Steel sheets are often used to create food and beverage cans. Also, they can be formed into drums and other containers used to store various liquids. For example, steel drums are commonly used to store oil, gasoline, and other chemicals.

●      Art

Art and craft projects often utilize steel sheets and plates. For example, they can be used to create sculptures, jewelry, and wall art. Additionally, they can be used as stamps for clay pottery or leveraged as a material for paintings and other 2D artworks.

Key Takeaway

As we have seen, steel sheets and plates are incredibly versatile. They offer a variety of benefits and can be used for a wide range of applications.

If you are in need of steel sheets or plates for your next project, be sure to contact New Mexico Metals LLC today! We offer the best steel supply Albuquerque has to offer.

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