CNC Punching vs. Traditional Metal Hole Punching: Which Method is Best?

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Hole punching is a metal fabrication process that is crucial for several activities. You must be thinking that punching holes in metal shouldn’t be difficult. You couldn’t be any more wrong because the more you learn about it, the more you understand that metal punching is not easy as it looks.

Modern machines can do everything, from cutting metals to punching them. But which is the right way to do it? If you are working on a project and have come across the different methods of metal punching, and you need help deciding which of the (CNC punching or traditional metal hole punching) techniques is better, this guide is for you.

What is Metal Punching?

Metal punching is a simple metal fabrication technique that cuts out the extra metal from a sheet, rod, or any other form of metal. While cutting and notching are two critical fabrication processes, hole punching is another crucial process. The small holes in the metal can make a greater difference to even gigantic projects. Thus, choosing the right method for metal punching in Albuquerque is imperative.

CNC Punching

CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled. How it works is impressive. First, the type of metal to be cut and the relevant data concerning the hole size are fed into the system. Then, since it is computer-aided programming, a 2D format is submitted to the system.

As modern computers are intelligent, you need not worry about the precision or efficiency of the operation. Instead, the software considers the design and identifies the optimal course of action. The final step of the process requires placing the metal under the punching machine. It might sound easy, but a few things must be considered.

Different machines work in different ways, so whichever machine you choose, ensure that it maximizes efficiency. For example, some machines allow you to put multiple sheets in the stack to avoid redundant operation.

Also, you must always ensure that the metal being punched is always thicker than the diameter of the hole, or the metal will snap into two.

CNC punching machines are a more popular choice for metal punching in Albuquerque, as it is faster than a traditional metal hole punching technique.

Traditional Hole Punching

CNC and traditional metal punching machines use the same concept, the only difference being that CNC is computer-aided, while traditional metal hole punching is manual.

The process of traditional hole punching is as follows:

  • The machine has a press on which the metal is placed. The other one is the punch slide. The punch slide has a die on it. For example, for a 6 mm thick hole, a die of the same diameter is located on the punch.
  • The metal is placed on the press slide.
  • The punch slide is lowered, applying sheer force on the metal beneath and causing a hole.

Below the press slide is the collector bin, wherein the excess metal falls from the hole and can be reused later.

What makes this process distinct is that it is manual. The precision and clarity of the holes depend partially on the machine. The heavier it is, the cleaner the punches will be.

But the precision and alignment of the holes is the operator’s responsibility as it requires extensive training and personnel experience. So, when you choose an expert for traditional metal punching in Albuquerque, the staff experience should be the first on your list of considerations.

Which One is Better?

Choosing between the two processes is difficult. One might say that since the CNC punching method is modern and more reliable, one should choose it, but it is a matter of great importance, and some important factors must be considered, such as:

Availability: Which options are available in your area? If you aim for a local expert, there is a greater possibility of finding traditional machines.

Budget: The cost of metal punching should not exceed the project cost. Even if you find the right expert but need help negotiating a good deal on the cost, traditional metal punching might be a better option, as it is cheaper.

Quality of Holes: You want the best for your project, but you want to avoid creating a hole in your pocket to seek cleaner holes for a DIY project. The idea is to consider your project’s importance before choosing the type of method. For example, for a DIY project, you can choose a traditional metal punching method which is less expensive.

Metal Punching in Albuquerque

Metal punching is a complex process, and at New Mexico Metals LLC, we aim for the best quality you deserve. Our state-of-the-art machine and experienced staff are our strengths and make our metal punching operations the most preferred in town. The key lies in following the guidelines, resulting in quality holes.

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