Cutting Edge: Exploring the Difference Between Shearing and Cutting

Metal shearing and cutting are often considered the same; however, they are not. Yes, both of these methods cut metal, but their fundamentals differ. Whether for industrial purposes or manufacturing large equipment, metal cutting and shearing are used and considered indispensable in the world of metal fabrication.

However, if you are curious about the little nuances of the two methods, this blog is for you.

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Understanding Metal Shearing

Metal shearing is the process of using shear force to cut metal sheets into smaller pieces. Shearing is quite common in industrial applications, considering the precision and clean cuts it offers. A metal shearing machine equipped with sharp blades is used to achieve the results

Exploring Shearing and Cutting Processes

Shearing and cutting processes are discussed below for a clearer understanding.

Metal cutting is the process of cutting metal along straight lines using a saw, laser, or plasma torch. In metal cutting, the process is quite simple. The metal is cut using a saw or a laser by getting along a straight line or pattern. The difference lies in the way of cutting; for example, a hand saw cuts the metal like a scissor. There are multiple cutting techniques that differ depending on the tools used. Considering the modern tools and machines, metal cutting has become a quick and efficient process. One of the most discussed drawbacks of metal cutting is that it creates a lot of waste.

Metal shearing, on the other hand, refers to shearing the metal by forcing the blade through the sheet using a shear force. There are two blades in a shearing machine. The metal is fed through the machine and is collapsed by the clamps. When in position, the upper blade descends over it with a greater force, separating it from the sheet and creating a distinct metal part.

Metal shearing is popular because it creates cleaner, straighter cuts and produces almost no waste.

What is a Metal Shear?

A shear is a metal shearing machine specifically designed for shearing large sheets of metal. It consists of stationary and moving blades that work together to apply force to the material and create a clean, straight cut

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Advantages of Shearing

There are multiple advantages of metal shearing as compared to metal cutting, which are discussed below:


Metal shearing is a metal fabrication process that ensures precise cuts, making the metal useful for further processes. A difference of an inch, and the metal might go to waste. Thus, metal shearing is preferred over metal cutting.

Minimal Waste

Shearing produces less waste than other cutting methods, making it more environmentally friendly. That’s another reason why it is preferred over other methods.


Metal shearing is not limited to stainless steel sheets or plates. It extends to other metals, such as aluminum, copper, iron, brass, etc.


Equipped with the most advanced technology, shearing machines are known for their speed. Metal shearing has transformed with the introduction of CNC machines and automation in metal fabrication. Computer-enabled machines not only shear metal cleanly but also achieve complex patterns and intricate designs with considerable ease, making the metal shearing process useful to several other industries, such as art, sculpting, wall art, etc.

Shearing Services in New Mexico

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Metal shearing and cutting are two distinct processes, considering their operation fundamentals are quite distinct. Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Yet, metal shearing has become a preferred method, making it a popular choice for cutting large sheets or plates of metal in various industries.

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