Electric Metal Shears Unleashed: Efficiency in Metal Cutting

At New Mexico Metals LLC, we offer custom metal shearing services in Albuquerque. Our clients often wish to know what kind of shears we use, why we use them, what about hydraulic shears, etc.

Electric metal shears have undoubtedly transformed metal shearing. It has become quite easy to shear metals cleanly and precisely. These tools are indispensable in multiple industries. Thus, we have compiled this blog, in which we will discuss the basics of electric metal shears, their applications, a comparison between electric shears and hydraulic shears, etc.

So, dive right in!

Understanding Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shears

Hydraulic shears use powerful thrusts generated by hydraulic cylinders to create the force and cut through the metal. Hydraulic power is used in multiple industries, and using it in the shearing technique is a wonderful way to achieve precision and perfection in metal shearing.

The key characteristics of hydraulic shears are:

  • The powerful cutting force of hydraulic shears allows for effortless cutting through thick metal, a task that is significantly more time-consuming with manual shearing. The precision obtained through hydraulic shears is next-level.
  • Hydraulic shears are often quite large and come with all the bits and pieces to secure your workpiece and perform the shearing operation successfully without a hitch or running the risk of an injury.

Electric Metal Shears

Electric metal shears come in various forms. The most popular ones are hand-held electric shears, which are effortless to operate and offer sleek and precise cuts through thin metal pieces. They are preferred, especially for small applications.

The key characteristics of electric metal shears are:


Electric shears are known for their versatility, as they can cut through various materials and thicknesses.

Ease of Use

Electric shears are very easy to operate and require minimal physical effort. However, for complex shearing, the technician’s skills must be above par.


One of their most popular features is their size, which makes them easy to carry to different job sites.


Electric metal shears are very cost-effective and a great investment. Even DIYers can invest in these.

Unlike hydraulic metal shears, which are used for heavy-duty applications, electric metal shears are the preferred choice, especially for custom metal fabrication of smaller scale.

Comparing Electric and Hydraulic Metal Shears

Read on to learn the comparison between the two shears.

Cutting Capacity

There is no doubt that hydraulic shears are much more powerful and can cut through thick metals with considerable ease, which isn’t possible with electric shears.


Due to their size and weight, hydraulic shears are stationary, while electric shears are very portable and best for on-site projects.

Precision and Control

Hydraulic shears are known for their exceptional precision and cleaner cuts. Electric shears are also very precise in cutting, although this depends heavily on the choice of shear and the metal being cut. Workman skills also play an important role here.

Maintenance and Cost

Hydraulic and electric shears require regular maintenance. However, the size and weight of hydraulic shears makes them more costly to maintain. Considering they are used for heavy-duty applications; it is irrelevant if you are a DIYer. You can invest in electric shears without disrupting your bottom line.

Applications of Electric Metal Shears

Some real-world applications of electric metal shears are:


In the construction industry, electric metal shears are used to create structural components such as roofing, siding, and other parts.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry requires immense precision and consistency in its various components, and thus, it requires electric metal shears to create chassis and other bodily components.


In the HVAC industry, electric shears cut ductwork and metal sheets for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.


The manufacturing industry is quite huge, and there are numerous components, appliances, and other products that require the precision of electric metal shears.

Art & Craft

With the rising use of metal in art & craft, electric shears are employed to carve specific designs.

Tips for Maximizing Efficiency with Electric Metal Shears

Here are certain tips to maximize efficiency with electric metal shears:

Sharp Blades

It is crucial to always inspect the blades for wear and tear before and after use, so they can be replaced promptly, or else they will damage the edges.

Use Correct Settings

Understanding the shear and its capability is crucial to changing settings according to the operation at hand.

Proper Maintenance

Every tool requires proper maintenance to work efficiently. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and operate the equipment as directed.

Safety First

Every metal fabrication operation must be commenced after ensuring your safety. Wearing proper gear is a prerequisite for successful operation.

Final Words

Electric metal shears are indispensable. They offer multiple advantages over traditional methods and hydraulic machines. Choosing the right tools can make a significant difference in the operation.

At New Mexico Metals LLC, we use three different shears- Cincinnati mechanical squaring shear, Pexto Model 12U52 mechanical squaring shear, and GEKA Ironworker to achieve precision in metal shearing.

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