Electric Shears vs. Traditional Tools: Revolutionizing Sheet Metal Cutting

The metalworking industry can be said to be the most complicated of all, considering the various metals that are used and the various applications that require metal and its multiple components. Metal shearing is pivotal in making metal sheets suitable for further processing.

Metal shearing has evolved from manual tools to automated ones. This blog aims to understand how sheet metal shearing has changed over the years and how electric shears have revolutionized metal cutting over traditional tools.

Understanding Different Types of Metal Shearing Tools

Before discussing why electric shears are better than traditional tools, let’s discuss the multiple metal shearing tools.


Snips are small, handheld, plier-like tools used to cut thin metal sheets manually. They offer simple straight-cut, left-cut, and right-cut options.


Manual shears are handheld tools that offer versatility in metal cutting. They can cut curves and straight lines in sheet metal.


Metal cutting saws are used for cutting thicker metal sheets, which cannot be cut with snips or manual shears. However, metal-cutting saws are not known for their precision.

Electric Shears

Electric sheet metal shears are powered by electricity and thus offer quicker and more efficient cuts.

Exploring Specific Tools for Precision: Steel Shear

Before cutting through sheet metal, the main task is to find the right tool for the metal to be cut. When it comes to stainless steel, multiple grades require a careful understanding of the metal to choose the right blade. Steel shears are specific blades designed to cut through multiple grades of steel sheets. Choosing the right shear is crucial to achieving high quality and precision.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Metal Shearing Tool

If you are a DIY enthusiast who handles small DIY projects yourself, this section is for you.

Material Thickness: Consider the metal and its thickness before choosing the tool. Only the right tool can offer clean and precise cuts.

Cutting Capacity: What is the maximum thickness that your tool can cut? Learn about its cutting capacity before commencing the shearing job.

Ease of Use: Choose a shearing tool that can be easily used and handled without much experience. If you are a beginner, then take the help of an expert.

Accuracy: Multiple shearing tools are available on the market, but not all of them can offer precise cuts. You need a tool that guarantees accuracy.

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Enhancing Efficiency Through Electric Sheet Metal Shear Machines

Electric sheet metal shears are preferred for large-scale shearing operations as they are designed to handle high-volume cutting with speed and precision. Traditional tools cannot match electric shears in this regard. Electric shears come in multiple varieties, including mechanical shears, hydraulic shears, pneumatic shears, etc. They are equipped with various features that simplify and quicken metal shearing, thus enhancing efficiency.

Comparing Sheet Metal Shears for Varied Applications

When comparing electric shears to traditional shears, keep these factors in mind for an effective comparison:

Speed: There is no doubt that electric sheet metal cutters are much faster than manual tools, making them the preferred choice for large-volume operations.

Precision: Today, electric shears are equipped with CNC technology, ensuring clean, precise, and even complex cuts with considerable accuracy, which is not obtained through manual tools.

Versatility: If you have ever used handheld tools such as snips or manual shears, you would agree that they are limited in the types of cuts they can make. Even if you can carve a complex pattern with manual tools, it is very time-consuming. Electric sheet metal shears, on the other hand, offer versatility in terms of the material thickness that they can cut and the patterns they can shear on sheet metal.

Cost: Electric shears are much costlier than traditional tools. However, they save significant time and labor costs, making them effective in the long run.

Choosing The Right Shearing Tools for Your Needs in New Mexico

When you handle your small projects yourself and must choose the right tools for your needs, this blog will come in handy. Multiple shearing tools were discussed above so that you can determine your needs and which tool will serve you best. However, if you face any difficulty, seek the help of an expert. Visit New Mexico Metals LLC and get the best metal shearing services in Albuquerque.


Sheet metal shearing has come a long way, and electric shears are making a real difference in how industries work. They have quickened operations and made it possible to satisfy the demands of multiple industries that require metal shearing, which would never have been possible with traditional cutting tools.

At New Mexico Metals LLC, Albuquerque, we offer unparalleled metal shearing services, both retail and wholesale. Whether your project is small or gigantic, we can handle it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Can electric shears cut multiple metals?

Ans: Yes, electric sheet metal shears can cut various metals, including stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, brass, nickel, etc.

Que: Are electric shears safe to use?

Ans: Electric shears require experience and skills; otherwise, accidents might happen. If you are a beginner without experience using electric drills or metal cutters, it is advised not to use one. However, if you are experienced, wear proper gloves, safety gear, and eye protection to avoid injury.

Que: Why are traditional metal cutting tools not suitable for high-volume operations?

Ans:  While it’s true that manual tools were once exclusively used for cutting sheet metal, they were labor-intensive and incurred significant costs. Electric sheet metal shears, on the other hand, are efficient and, therefore, preferred for high-volume operations.