From Raw Material to Finished Product: The Role of Metal Shearing in Manufacturing

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Metal shearing is a metal fabrication process widely used for removing unwanted metals from sheets to render them useful for further processes. The process is employed on raw materials to shear them into smaller parts, and for finished products, they must be sheared down into smaller shapes for further processes.

In short, metal is pivotal in producing various components and structures across multiple industries.

In this blog, we delve into the significance of metal shearing in manufacturing and the integral role it plays.

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Understanding Metal Shearing

Metal shearing removes unwanted metal from metal sheets or cuts larger sheets into uniform, smaller parts. The technique uses shear force application and is thus named metal shearing.

The workpiece is placed between two blades, an upper blade, and a lower blade. The shear force causes the sheet to fracture along a predetermined cutting line, resulting in a smooth, precise cut.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of the method is that it produces minimal waste.

Components of Metal Shearing

Here are the key components that make the metal shearing process a success.

Shear Machine

Numerous metal shearing machines are available, including mechanical, hydraulic, and electric. They are used depending on the type of shear you need for a specific purpose. However, all shear machines have the exact mechanism: a stationery lower blade and a moving upper blade that uses shearing force to cut the metal.


Made of high-quality metal, blades are sharp tools that achieve shearing. High-speed steel and carbide-tipped blades are commonly used in metal shearing.

Back Gauge

A back gauge is a positioning system that ensures precise cutting dimensions. It can be manually adjusted or computer-controlled, depending on the complexity of the cutting task.

Factors Important During Sheet Metal Shearing

Here are some important factors of the shearing process that are crucial to achieving the desired accuracy and perfection.


Clearance is the space between the two blades. It might appear to the naked eye that the upper blade cuts the metal sharply, and it slides down. However, this is not true. Appropriate clearance between the blades ensures proper fracture of the metal. It, however, depends on material strength, required thickness, and material type.

Workpiece Clamping

It is impossible to achieve clean, precise cuts without clamping down the material properly. The two blades apply shear force on the metal, and in case of poor clamping, the sheet might shift during the process and result in accurate cuts. There is also an inherent risk of the material getting loose and flying off, injuring the workers.

Blade Sharpness

Metal shearing experts in Albuquerque know that blade sharpness is the key to flawless shearing. When selecting a blade for shearing, it’s essential to consider both the metal type being cut and the desired thickness. Furthermore, a dull blade should be promptly replaced as it can only lead to the distortion of metal edges.

Application of Metal Shearing in Manufacturing

Metal shearing is widely used in many manufacturing processes, including:

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry employs cutting-edge metal shearing processes to design car body panels, chassis components, and various structural elements. Construction

Metal shearing creates beams, columns, brackets, and other building components in the construction industry.


There is no doubt that metal shearing is known for its accuracy, and aerospace is a sector where it plays a significant role in manufacturing aircraft parts, such as wings, panels, fuselage sections, etc.


The metal shearing process is used to cut out metal for manufacturing various household appliances.

Advantages of the Metal Shearing Process

If you are wondering why metal shearing is one of the most coveted metal fabrication processes, you must read these advantages of this process:


Metal shearing is known to offer very precise, clean, straight cuts with minimal wastage.


Shearing is a fast process that renders useful, accurately cut parts with minimal distortion.

Material utilization

It is a very cost-effective method that generates desirable outcomes without disrupting your bottom line.


Shearing is fit for versatile metals, including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, etc.

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