Metal Building Supply: Tips for Choosing the Right Materials

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A building is not just a structure of concrete but a structure of safety, hope, and security. So, whether you are working on a housing or gigantic industrial project, metal is vital in strengthening a structure.

But not every metal is the same. So, building construction requires careful consideration to choose the right metal and, on top of that, sourcing it from a quality metal supplier in Albuquerque.

Which Metals Are Suitable for Building Construction?

Every metal has different characteristics and is available in various grades, which determines its strength and uses. Here are some metals which are commonly used for building construction.


For your information, steel and stainless steel are different. Their composition makes all the difference and makes them suitable for various purposes, such as steel is a widely used metal in the industry. Its corrosion-resistance feature makes it ideal for multiple industries. It is used in making skyscrapers, commercial buildings, supporting structures, security fencing, deck plates, etc. Almost every building uses steel in one form or another.


The abundance of aluminum in the earth’s core and its light weight makes it an indispensable metal. It is a durable metal and can resist corrosion even better than steel. Windows, ceilings, window panes, massive structures, etc., entirely use aluminum. Along with building construction, aluminum is used in aircraft and space shuttles.


Even kids know that iron is an indispensable metal for building construction. But once again, cast iron and wrought iron are different. The huge bridges you see, harbors, railings, beams, ridges, girders, etc., are all iron.

It is said that iron is one of the strongest metals, which is true. Its only weakness is rust. However, coating iron with other metals can help the matter.


The red hue of the metal is lovely, and it is impossible to use it in building construction when aesthetic appearance is more important. You can recall the Berlin Cathedral of Germany, known for its green-hued roof, or the Rotunda at the University of Virginia in the USA. Copper is a non-magnetic, highly-malleable, corrosion-free metal used for ceilings, beams, aesthetic roofs, tubing, piping, etc. It is also used widely for water distribution in large structures.


Titanium is not a commonly used metal for building construction, but its examples can be seen worldwide. For example, Japan is a futuristic country that uses titanium in construction widely. The most prominent example is Art Tower Mito. The Guggenheim Museum in Spain is also a good example.

Titanium’s corrosion resistance, tensile strength, lightweight, and durability work in its favor.

Tips to Choose the Right Metal for Construction

Before settling on a metal for your project, consider the environmental impacts and application requirements so the structure can last longer. These tips for choosing the right material will aid you in your quest.


Weldability refers to the property of metal being fused to other parts or metals to create a structure. Weldability determines how long it will take to erect the design and how it can work around other materials.


Malleability is the property of a metal to be pressured into thin sheets or cut into the desired shapes. For example, iron is more malleable than steel. Therefore, if you need to create a complex shape using metals, it is advisable to opt for the more pliable metal among the two choices.


Machinability is the degree of ease at which a metal can be cut through a machine. Brittle metals have lower machinability. For example, stainless steel is better than iron regarding machinability.

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is the degree of pressure a metal can handle without breaking down. For example, iron is stronger than aluminum but is a brittle metal. So, when pressure is applied to aluminum and iron, iron might withstand more weight and stress, but since aluminum is more malleable, it might bend. So, consider the use first, and then choose the right metal.

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