Things to Consider While Cutting Metal with Metal Cutting Saws

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Whether you are a fabricator or a workshop owner, there are times when you need metal cutting saws for cutting. Metal cutting saws have been used for shaping metals for centuries now, and they have only become powered with automation, but they are still popular.

However, it is more challenging than it looks. You need to operate with precision and sharpness to create clean cuts and increase the suitability of the metal for multiple projects.

Metal sawing in Albuquerque should be performed only after considering certain significant factors. This blog will explore important things to consider while cutting metals with metal cutting saws, ensuring optimal results and a smooth cutting process.

Selecting the Right Blade

Only the right blade type can cut the metal precisely. Knowledge of the suitability of blade material for various metals is essential. Consider the following factors while selecting the blade:

Blade Material: Each metal requires a specific blade material. For example, carbide-tipped blades are ideal for cutting non-ferrous metals, while bi-metal or high-speed steel blades are suitable for cutting ferrous metals. So, identify the metal and choose a suitable blade.

Tooth Count: Tooth count determines the cutting speed and finish of the metal. A higher tooth count offers increased speed and smoother cuts, while a lower tooth count ensures faster cuts for thicker materials.

Blade Coating: Each blade is coated with a material that makes it suitable for the environment in which it is used. Blade coatings, such as titanium or cobalt, can enhance the durability and lifespan of the blade, reducing friction and heat buildup.

Blade Maintenance

Every fabricator knows that the sharpness of the blade plays a crucial role in efficient metal cutting. The sharper the blades, the faster and cleaner the cuts would be. Dull blades increase the risk of accidents and affect metal cuts. Here are some tips for blade maintenance:

Regular Inspection: Always inspect the blades before using them. Worn-out or dull blades should be replaced immediately.

Blade Sharpening: Sharpen blades as needed to ensure optimal cutting performance. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate sharpening technique.

Lubrication: Use cutting lubricants or coolants during sawing to balance heat, friction, and blade wear.

Proper Cutting Speed and Feed rate

Feed rate refers to the speed at which the metal is fed to the machine for cutting, and cutting speed is how fast the cuts are made on the metal. The correct cutting speed and feed rate help ensure efficient cuts and prolong the blade’s lifespan. The following tips will help you achieve flawless metal sawing in Albuquerque.

Cutting Speed: Read the instructions manual and learn about the correct cutting speeds for various metals, depending on their thickness and type. Cutting too slow can cause excessive heat buildup, while cutting too fast can result in poor quality cuts.

Feed Rate: Maintain a consistent feed rate to ensure precise sawing. Do not apply uneven pressure or force the blade, as it leads to inaccurate cuts.

Safety Precautions

Metal cutting is not child’s play, and you must exercise proper safety measures to avoid accidents. Some common safety precautions for metal sawing are:

Proper Hold-Downs: The metal you are working on should be properly secured so it doesn’t move or vibrate during the cutting process. If you experience unusual movements or vibrations, halt the operation and secure the workpiece before resuming.

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment is a safety gear that includes gloves, masks, safety glasses, and hearing protection to protect your body from flying metal shards, excessive noise created during sawing, and sparks, which can be blinding. If you are a professional fabricator, PPE is a must, as working regularly in such a hazardous environment can pose serious risks to your health.

Proper Ventilation: Ensure that your workshop has adequate ventilation for letting out smoke and fumes generated during the cutting.

Machine Stability: Whether using a manual or automated sawing machine, it should be stable and properly anchored.

Metal Sawing in Albuquerque

Metal sawing is not everyone’s cup of tea, and if you need precisely cut metal for a project, it is advised that you consult experts such as New Mexico Metals LLC. You might lack the required tools, expertise, and knowledge of safety precautions and might hurt yourself. It’s better to hand over the task to the experts who can save you time and energy and offer you perfectly cut metals quickly.

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